Earlier this month I went on my first missions trip to Honduras. It was a medical missions trip so we had a medical clinic, pharmacy, and an optometry clinic. Those who weren't helping in the clinics got to play with the kids and evangelize to the locals. I was primarily serving in the eye clinic finding and fitting glasses on patients (we had 2,000 pairs!) and occasionally I'd help test their near and far vision. We also visited a couple of orphanages/children centers and play with the kids there, too.

I'm not going into too much detail about my experience since I'm going to write about it in my letter to my supporters,
but I will say that with everything God has taught me during this trip, about him, myself,
and the new/deeper friendships I've built with the team,
this trip is definitely the highlight of my summer,
and one of my favorites on my timeline of events.

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  1. i LOVE that second picture from the top - gorgeous.